Increase your Twitter Retweets that Human Way

News 04:05 May 2023:

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Retweets is by far the most effective way to increase your influence in twitter and eventually grow a bigger audience. Whether you are an individual twitter account holder or someone who has a business in twitter, having a good relationship with your followers is vital if you want to succeed in this avenue. The keyword here is value; creating valuable tweets that are worth retweeting should always be the target to broaden your clout. Read through this article to help you discover easy methods on how to achieve a worth retweeting tweets

Understand your Followers

Do you know your followers very well? What do they like about your tweet? Is it the content? Is it because you tweet often that they are always looking forward to the next tweet? What kind of followers do you have? You need to study their profile. Through this, you can shape your tweets according to their preferences. Yes, your tweets are something personal and it must depend on how you feel but; if you are aiming to influence a greater audience, you have to put your followers top of mind too.

Be generous in retweeting

Do unto others what you want other doing to you. Reciprocating the retweet is but courteous to do. The more you retweet, the more retweet will be in return. Doing this though needs a careful check. You must not be retweeting any tweet that you see. First, know your craft, know your style, know your interest. Then study the accounts you are visiting if they have the same line as yours. You need to find a number of accounts and not just settle into few. This is to ensure that you will have a wide variety of twitter retweets. Next is belief. Not because you have the same line, you are to twitter retweet their tweets already. Think if you really believe on what you will retweet. The danger is when you just randomly retweet and a follower asks you something about it, are you ready to answer? Considering all of these will definitely give you tons of retweets as you go along.

Perfect Tweet Time is Crucial

Not because you’re alive and awake; you will start tweeting. You need to be observant. What time of the day your followers are online? Are your followers within your time zone? Are they from different countries? If yes, then you might want to consider scheduling your tweets. To get maximum engagement, make sure you target the most active agents. Next is to consider the time your thoughts are mostly inclined too. This is so that your engagement will appear as natural and not too mechanical.

There’s No Harm in Asking for Retweets

No one can prevent you from asking for twitter retweets. You can always insert a call to action at the end of your tweets; or just simply put RT at the end. If you already have an established relationship with your followers, asking for retweets is not sweat at all and positive output will be attained. In fact, doing this will avoid the thought of they are reading a tweet from a robot. Because humanly speaking, it is okay to ask for twitter retweets.

How Twitter Retweets Slow Down the Creation of New Tweets?

Social media was presumed to initiate a period which people could hear from ordinary individuals worldwide getting busy with their daily lives. In addition, people would listen to their fears as well as aspirations. They would encounter breaking news by means of other people partaking in and witnessing those occurrences.

There is no doubt that in the earlier years, one of the prominent social media networks Twitter epitomized this notion; however, a more intimate investigation of its development over the past several years represent Twitter has substantially modified. It became less of a site where people could hear from the citizens of the globe and more a site where those citizens refer to retweetingthe elites and the influential.

There is no denying that tweets nowadays are being replaced by link-sharing and RTs. In the same way, the ratio of those tweets which are Twitter retweets is maximizing- for a fact 20% in January year 2012 to over 50% by the end of the year 2018. Over 10% of all activities on Twitter comprise of posts and RTs of validated accounts alone.

To put simply, rather than converging to Twitter to post and share their own experiences as well as personal perspectives, people these days come to RT the opinion or comments of those who are highly regarded as the elites and the most influential people.

It is worth noting that image and link sharing is also augmenting, from roughly 13% of tweets consisting of a URL in the year 2012 to approximately 40% nowadays. After breaking news emerges, most posts or tweets are purely forwarded links or Twitter retweets.  

For these evident reasons, such trends suggest that this social media platform is altering from a content network packed with first-person description into an attention network packed with RTs. What is more, Twitter is undeniably becoming more similar with the broadcast media that predated it- where the influential and the elites voice out their commentaries while the masses solely share or forward those messages that resound with them.

As a result, rather than treating this social media network as text content to be scooped, people should consider it as an attention signal. Just like the trends in Google, it indicates to us the users, stories and online sites that are resonating at present time.

In a nutshell, the decline of Twitter is gradual enough that it is not in peril of vanishing yet; nevertheless, the indication it provides social media users regarding the world has tremendously altered. In reality, it seems that the initial dream of this social media network as a worldwide town square wherein average individuals would send or share their thoughts and experiences in real time is slowly declining.

It appears that Twitter is becoming a much more conventional broadcast medium wherein average individuals solely re-disseminate more influential and famous personalities. Likewise, many people find it more hassle-free to simply retweet what others have shared rather than composing their own thoughts and stories and share it to their followers.